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Fufa Special Burger

The Burger that comes in different sizes which ever choice you make we are sure it will be the experience of a lifetime. Carefully made just to fill your desire and cravings at the same time! oh yes am sure you will come back again after a bite.  

Unlimited washes at a discounted rate.

*Any current promotional offers are only available at physical sites. They are not offered in the online store. *Online purchases require one hour to become updated in our physical systems. Please wait one hour before attempting to use a plan purchased online. We appreciate your patience!  

Breakfast/Launch/Dinner is Ready*

Our chefs are professionals and they work in turn just to make sure that you dont have to worry about the rigors of cooking. Even if your work never gives you the time now you can depend on us for your daily and healthy food. Place your order online or walk into one of our outlets to have a quick one your food is ready.