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We use a hybrid washing system that combines dirt-blasting high-pressure sprays with gentle foam brushes for an exceptional and safe clean.

We use the most modern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part of our car wash systems. Our products are all biodegradable and eco-friendly. Choose from our wide range of wash packages designed to clean and shine your car inside and out

Fufa Basicwash

 The Fufa basic-wash is a standard to clean your vehicle as soon as possible but achieving maximum effects. we apply all required products to make your carwash interior sparkling clean.


  • Tires & Wheel Shine
  • Interior cleaning
  • four floor mats & chairs
  • Body wash
  • Fufacare products

Fufa superwash

The super wash is the upgrade of the basic wash. here you can go for a more intense cleaning.

  • Full body wash
  • Full Undercarriage wash & Shinning
  • Full Interior wash option
  • Products usage 
  • Fufacare Products

Fufa Deluxe Wash

The Deluxe wash is the highest wash packages we have for now. it features all of the other packages with more features

  • All Fufabasic
  • All Fufasuper
  • Engine wash
  • Painting and body shining

Free Vacums

After every car wash at Fufacarwash, you can always take advantage of our free, vacuums. We also provide you with towels and window spray to ensure you have everything you could need to make your car clean as new!. 

Our Location

We are currently located in 3countries. Nigeria, Ghana, Togo. 

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